Don’t Squish A Spider Day!

Do you know what today is?

It’s national:

Save A Spider Day (March 14)

Yes, apparently…

It’s a real thing.

[via TheRainForestSite] There’s Nothing to be Afraid of When It Comes to Spiders. Here Are 8 Reasons Why

Physically, spiders aren’t what many would consider angelic creatures. It could be the amount of eyes spiders have. It could be the amount of legs. It could be the way that they move, or that, yes, some of them are poisonous. Maybe it’s some awkward amalgamation of the just-mentioned, as well as any other skewed fact floating around out there. Whatever the exact reason, for years now spiders have been looked at by humans with fear.

Don’t get us wrong: arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) is a very real thing. In no way are we trying to say that it isn’t, or that those that suffer from it should for some reason feel ashamed. In celebration of Save a Spider Day (March 14th), what we hope this list says — what we hope this list proves — is that spiders aren’t just something to be screamed at, or squished beneath boot heels, but something to be respected, and even admired.

1. Spiders Are Ingenious Hunters

Some spiders pounce on their prey. Some ensnare their prey in a web of silk. Some dig trap doors into the dirt and let their prey fall into a very similar ball of silk. And others? There are many others that have their own individual way of hunting — their own techniques, their own schemes, etc. Which is impressive, no?

2. They Call Earth Home

The exact number of spider species is unknown. But, as of 2014, 45,000 different species had been identified. 45,000! And they span across the planet.

[Read More – See All 8 HERE!]




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