Tell me, do you crave… A balladic narrative with power?

I’m a reader. It’s my passion. There is something so enjoyable, so relaxing, about immersing yourself in a good book. The experience takes you away from yourself for a while, and allows you to become something else for a time…

An observer.

An observer whose world has turned inwardly and its continued existence are wholly dependent on every turn of the page. It’s a world that is singular, and unique, to each individual reader, because every reader takes in the information differently to their life experiences, expectations, culture and understanding.


It’s just you, your eyes, the steady beat of your heart, your calm, steady breaths and your mind as it creates for you a world so far removed from the world where you live, you escape every worry with every single word you soak in.

For me, the books can romance, horror or science-fiction. They can be poetry, self-help, crime thrillers, old literary classics or biographies. They can be comic books, physics books or philosophy books. They can be classical tragedies, hysterical comedies or complex political narratives. Heck, I’ve even had a strange affection for reference books, for a time or two. The point is, for me? To read. To find something that engages and satisfies my most pressing, often varying, literary appetites.

Only those of you out there, who love reading as much as I do, will understand when I say, that for me? Reading is an addiction for my mind.

I crave it.


I will be honest when I say that I hit a very dissatisfied point as a reader last year, when the market was flooded with dystopian first-person knock-offs, which seemed like every other book, not to mention the creepy flood of “mom porn” published works (which just made me feel dirty every time I tried to read one. Ick.) that I found myself starving for…

Something else.

Something different.

Something so far removed from the norm, nothing liked existed. What can I say? I am not a fan of the ordinary.

Understand, I had no clue about what it was I was looking for exactly, but I knew that when it came to satisfying my addiction, there had to be something more. I desperately wanted a change from the norm, the common, the everyday, but no matter how studiously I searched on Amazon, I couldn’t manage to find the right book I was looking for.

I wanted an epic, an adventure, a story that would still be with me long after I read it. I wanted a story suited perfectly for a late night campfire. I wanted a story that would dance with the flames and battle with the shadows as I huddled closer to the fire, so anxious to read that next word. I wanted a story far removed from our time, a story that could easily pass as a relic of the oral traditions of old, while giving the illusion of presence. I wanted a grand tale, a fable and a ballad. A ballad short on words, but long on meaning. I wanted a story full of beats, full of music, without one note every being played. I wanted story with rhythm, a story with magic…


A story with power.

So, what the heck, I figured,”If I can’t find the story I want. I’ll just write it myself.”

And you know what?

That’s exactly what I did.

Penny Willan and the Well

To be released, March 10th, 2015

Excerpts coming soon!


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